El DREEM, parte 1: medición del ambiente educacional en un programa de osteopatía

The DREEM, part 1: Measurement of the educational environment in an osteopathy teaching program
BMC Medical Education
The most commonly used measure for evaluating educational environments in professional health programs is the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure (DREEM), but only one prior study in the literature has adopted this measure for evaluating osteopathic education. Expanding on the work of Emanuele Luciani and his team of Italian researchers, who used DREEM to study the final year cohorts of three European osteopathy teaching institutions, researchers at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, administered DREEM to students at all levels of the university’s osteopathy program. Overall, the students rated Victoria’s program more positive than negative. The information gathered can be used to improve Victoria’s program and provide other institutions with data against which to compare their programs.
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