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Evaluar el impacto de no asistir a conferencias sobre el desempeño del estudiante de medicina osteopática

Assessing impact of not attending lectures on osteopathic medical student performance
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine
It has been anecdotally reported that osteopathic medical students often decrease their attendance of didactic lectures to increase time to study for the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination of the United States. There is no strong evidence supporting the impact of attending vs. not attending didactic lectures on osteopathic medical student performance in courses during the first two years of osteopathic medical education. This paper provides a brief survey of the literature. The paper also presents a proposal for future research to assess the impact of not attending didactic lectures on student performance. (This is an abstract. To view full article, you will need to log in.). Read more

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