En vivo en 3-D cinemática de los segmentos de la columna cervical durante la pre-manipuladora, posicionamiento a nivel C4/C5

In vivo 3-D kinematics of the cervical spine segments during pre-manipulative positioning at the C4/C5 level
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Segmental range of motion during high-velocity manipulative spinal treatment is generally considered an important factor for the risk of adverse side effects, especially in the cervical spine region. Among the many techniques reported, the so-called multiple-component technique is increasingly recommended. Such a technique is assumed to induce a relatively low 3-D segmental ROM compared with other techniques. The aims of this study are to quantify the 3-D segmental ROM and to determine the pattern of motion between cervical vertebrae during the pre-manipulative position at the C4-C5 level. (This is an abstract. To view full article, you will need to log in.) More

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