Decapitación osteopática: ¿por qué consideramos la cabeza diferente del resto del cuerpo. Nuevas perspectivas para un enfoque osteopático fundado en la cabeza

Osteopathic decapitation: Why do we consider the head differently from the rest of the body? New perspectives for an evidence-informed osteopathic approach to the head
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine
The osteopathic management of the head was initially founded on Sutherland’s biomechanical model, which has since become highly controversial. The current call for the evidence-informed practice of osteopathy and the level of critical reasoning we expect from students are no longer compatible with Sutherland’s ideas on cranial osteopathy. In contrast, a field called tissue mechanics may provide evidence useful in developing a treatment model of the head that fits better with current knowledge. (This is an abstract. To view the full article, you will need to log in.)

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